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  • Yeah there is more to a simple word like meetings than meets the eye. When a meet becomes a never ending parade of a meticulous and perfectly orchestrated caravan of ideas, suggestions, policies and decisions, Me in us join Et of et al…Meetings of singular character automatically organize ovations, encores and accolades.


  • It is indeed amazing to note what all is hiding in a dry word like incentives. Cent means money, currency. In stands for our contribution towards earning it and ives signify the abundant and non conventional means to earn. The spectrum of ives spans across the frontlines of cash to unbelievable world of incentives in kind.


  • When inferences of great conviction and professionalism are conferred upon, sheer magic happens. When official nuances become the pedestals of performances and promises, unanimously concurred honours are conferred. When corporate fences are challenged and outsmarted by go getters, conferring them as landmarks is something which comes naturally. The dais knows how. The venue believes. The performers excel…


  • When an exhibit becomes the definition of excellence, an exhibition of highest standards, hands on expertise and credible pedestals is showcased. An exhibition is one of the most exacting platforms which tests the bastions of precision in design and demands only impeccable solutions to every need, meticulous answers to every question.